The Aggies Post Manziel Year

A&M The Post Manziel Year

(How will the Aggies fair without Johnny football?)

Unrealistic expectations? Maybe not, true the Texas A&M program did indeed lose a chunk… no let’s be fair, lost all of their offense to the NFL draft last year. With the departure of QB Johnny Manziel, to the Browns, and WR Mike Evans to the Bucs and O-lineman Jake Matthews to the Falcons all in the first round. A&M has definitely taken major blows to one of the most exciting offenses in not only the SEC but all of college football.

2014 will definitely not be a championship contending season for the Aggies who finished 4-4 in conference play and an average 9-4 overall, were 5th overall in scoring last season and 8th overall in passing thanks mainly in part to the efforts by Manziel to Evans. The only upside to what would otherwise be a dreary season for the Aggies is the state of the SEC as a whole.

Only possibly three teams in the entire conference are returning starting  เว็บยอดนิยม ufabet QB’s Florida with Jeff Driskel who was injured most of last season, Auburn who only lost three starters from last year’s team of “destiny” will be returning starting QB Nick Marshall, and Bo Wallace of Ole Miss probably the best of the whole bunch. With numbers like 283 for 437 3346 yards and 18 TD’s Wallace definitely has a foundation to build upon and a solid argument for the best returner the SEC has to offer.

Basically A&M has a lot of questions, none of which will be answered until the Aggies finally take the field in their away opener at South Carolina, a game in which I believe we’ll see a lopsided run versus pass ratio. Let’s face it, Texas A&M will not be the same without Manziel (who still had another year of eligibility) and the 12th man isn’t going to be enough to boost the Aggies past 8 wins this seasons. The SEC is too tough a conference to think you’ll be able to contend without balance, and the Aggies are going to be lacking this season… Here’s to a lackluster 2014 for A&M, no big deal though eventually we all have to go through a rebuilding season, unless of course you’re Nick Saban. But I guess we will see, the kickoff for SEC football is right around the corner, and served up first on the menu will either be chicken or the 12th man.