Samsung UN55b8000 – Samsung’s Best LED TV?

The high-performing 55-inch Samsung UN55B8000 is one of Samsung’s most discussed LCD HDTV models, not on account of its cost – $2500 to $3500 – yet additionally in light of the fact that it is at the best in class of Samsung’s edge-lit LED TVs. However, what precisely is an edge-lit HDTV?

To comprehend the idea of an edge-lit HDTV, first, you need to know how a LED-based HDTV functions. While a standard LCD TV involves a solitary fluorescent light as a backdrop illumination, a LED-lit LCD TV utilizes many little bulbs (called light radiating diodes or LEDs) covering the rear of the screen. Along these lines, LED-based TVs are more splendid and can deliver more striking tones and specifically, more profound blacks – a consequence of the way that a gathering of LEDs can be completely switched off while some portion of a fluorescent light must be darkened. LEDs likewise consume less power however can endure significantly longer.

Along these lines, LED-lit HDTVs are becoming well known. Nonetheless, the greater part of them are immediate lit, and that implies that the LEDs cover the whole board and undertaking the light forward. Then again, the Samsung UN55B8000 is edge-lit, and that implies that the LEDs TCL QLED TV are just on the top and the lower part of the board, extending the light towards the middle where a light aide plate reflects it forward and centers it in like manner.

One benefit of edge-lit HDTVs is that they can be made much more slender and lighter, making them appealing as well as simpler to mount on the divider very much like an outlined artwork. To be sure, the UN55B8000 is just 1.2 inches deep all things considered, making it one of Samsung’s slimmest and most in vogue HDTVs.

Another benefit is that edge-lit HDTVs consume even less power. As a matter of fact, while LEDs as of now consume a large portion of the power that a fluorescent light purposes, edge-lit HDTVs use undeniably less. The UN55B8000, specifically, consumes up to 40 percent less power.

Edge-lit TVs have disservices, as well, however, for example, the hotness produced by the casing – particularly the top and base part – and issues in regards to screen consistency. Samsung professes to have tackled these issues, however, and to be sure, the UN55B8000 is a proficient piece, with the issue of screen consistency just showing up during dull scenes, and, surprisingly, then, is hard to observe.

Beside the way that it is an edge-lit HDTV, the Samsung UN55B8000 is an incredible HDTV for different reasons, for example, its 240Hz processor, which brings about clear and fresh pictures in any event, during quick scenes and its precise tones, which add to making astounding picture quality. It accompanies intuitive highlights, also, for example, a broad library of implicit substance and Yahoo gadgets to update you as often as possible on the most recent updates in the climate, news and securities exchange. Availability, however not its most grounded point, is very great, as well, with four HDMI inputs, a PC information and two USB openings to give some examples.