Football Drills – Team Drills for Offense


Drills are an essential aspect of football practice. Not only do football drills establish a firm foundation in players, they also prepare players to succeed during games.

While many football drills are focused on individual positions, team drills are important in improving techniques in situations encountered in team play. The following drills have been created to hone the necessary skills in a successful offense.

Hustle Drill

For this team drill, start by spotting the ball at the 40 yard-line and huddling the starting unit for the offensive side at the midfield. The quarterback calls the play as signaled by the coach. The starting unit then lines up and executes the play.

When the ball has been thrown or the ball carrier breaks through the line, the entire offense (not just the starting line) runs to the endzone and huddles around the ball carrier. The ball carrier breaks the huddle by calling “1-2-3” and everyone responding “score.”

The drill then repeats from the endzone to the  ยูฟ่าเบท yard-line. The coach should rotate the players frequently and either keep track of time or the number of plays completed to ensure hustle.

Unrecovered Receiver Drill

This drill was created to help the quarterback and wide receivers recognize when they are not being covered by the defense and take advantage of the situation with an automatic pass.

Begin by forming the offensive formation to be worked on at the line. Back-up offensive players can play defense.

The defense lines up with the coach signaling for one defender to be out of correct position. The quarterback and wide receiver then assess the defense and execute the uncovered release and automatic pass accordingly.

Triple Option Mesh in Chutes

This drill combines a quarterback and fullback mesh drill with a line chute to simulate a game-like scenario for midline and triple option plays. For a play to the right, line the center and quarterback on the left side of the chute, the center under the chute (with the right guard and right tackle) and the quarterback just behind the chute.